VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder, Car Phone Holders for Car with a Super Strong Magnet for iPhone XS XR XS MAX, Galaxy S9 and More Mobile Phones


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Product Description

Note: When install the mount to the dashboard, pls follow the following steps:
1.Peel off the 3M protector. (If the temperature is below 15°C, pls warm the 3M pad with hot wind for a while.)
2.Put the mount to the flat dashboard
3.Press the mount with much force for about 30 seconds
4.Do not use the mount until 24 hours pass

Pls note that the 3M pad can only use once.


Extreme Stickiness
Over time some support stands that use adhesives lose their ‘stick’, which causes them to topple over potentially damaging any device being held. To combat against this, the VAVA mount uses an extra sticky 3M adhesive that offers a tight, strong, and secure grip to the dashboard or any flat surface you apply it to. If you want to change locations or place it in another vehicle, the sticky residue that is left behind is easy to peel and clean to keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

Operates with Just One Hand
For convenience, especially if both hands are occupied, the phone mount offers one-handed operation. Not only does this make using the mount simple and easy, it allows you keep a hand on the wheel and an eye on the road in front.

View from Any Angle
Not all cars are equal and not everyone has an equal view of the dashboard. Thankfully, with a 360° rotation, the car phone mount can be viewed from any angle – handy if you are sharing the mount with your partner and they happen to place it somewhere that isn’t convenient for you.

Huge Compatibility for Most Devices
Thanks to the open ‘stick-down’ design, nearly every mobile device is compatible with the phone mount. From Apple, Samsung, HTC, and more, your phone will finally have a home in your car.


  • Super Strong Magnet: Supports devices weighing up to 6.6 lbs / 3 kg without losing its grip
  • Extreme Stickiness: Includes a 3M adhesive that offers a tight, secure hold; easy to peel off and clean any residue once you are finished
  • Operates with Just One Hand: Insert or remove your phone while your other hand is on the wheel
  • View from Any Angle: A full 360° rotation means you can always check your phone no matter where you place it
  • Compatibility for Most Devices: Works seamlessly with most popular cellphones including the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X and the Galaxy S8, as well as phones by HTC, LG, Huawei, and more
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